08 Feb '14

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Scaling Up Excellence

Next Thing Now is quickly becoming my favorite conference series on the east coast. Not only have I become close friends with the conference organizer, Tom Nagle, but I continue to be amazed by the quality people who come and … Read More

10 Jan '14

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Keeping Resolutions

2013 was the second year I participated in a “photo a day” challenge. You can view all photos throughout the year on my flickr page, and I have included a few of the year’s highlights below.

January 8: I … Read More

17 Dec '13

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Learning from the experts

This morning I took an early train from Baltimore to Washington DC to hear Pranav Vora speak at Creative Mornings, hosted by Google. Pranav is the CEO and founder of Hugh and Crye, an game-changing men’s fashion company. Pranav recognized … Read More

04 Sep '13

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Designing across cultures

I spent the last week in Holland working on a consulting project with the Dutch government. While the workshop participants spoke English fluently and clearly, they were more comfortable speaking in their native tongue. To facilitate their conversations, we worked … Read More

19 Aug '13

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Exploring San Francisco

I took a few days during my short August break to explore San Francisco. I have gotten into a habit of telling folks I’d love to move there after graduating, but had never actually visited the city before. I figured … Read More

12 Aug '13

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Exploring Chicago

Over our school’s 2-week August break I took the opportunity to travel and get a feel for some cities and firms that are doing amazing things. I took off to Chicago on August 5th. It was amazing how at home I … Read More