25 Jan '14

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Drawing without intention

This morning I woke up early to join friends and strangers at The Hall at 801 Park for Creative Mornings. Globally, the monthly theme for Creative Mornings is “Childhood.”

Our Baltimore-based speaker was children’s book illustrator, Kevin O’Malley.┬áKevin discussed … Read More

17 Dec '13

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Learning from the experts

This morning I took an early train from Baltimore to Washington DC to hear Pranav Vora speak at Creative Mornings, hosted by Google. Pranav is the CEO and founder of Hugh and Crye, an game-changing men’s fashion company. Pranav recognized … Read More

21 Oct '13

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Building creative confidence

Today fell into the category of “best days ever.” I trekked out to Delaware to meet IDEO’s Tom Kelley at Next Thing Now. I was super giddy and excited and can’t wait to read his new book.

Want to … Read More

04 Sep '13

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Designing across cultures

I spent the last week in Holland working on a consulting project with the Dutch government. While the workshop participants spoke English fluently and clearly, they were more comfortable speaking in their native tongue. To facilitate their conversations, we worked … Read More