Clarifying complex processes

Businesses processes are often complicated and undefined. It is tough for organizations to successfully document their day-to-day operations, leading to difficulties especially when an expert in the organization retires or changes positions. By consulting with business leaders, I have worked on teams to translate organizational processes into an engaging visual format.


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When businesses can visualize their processes from a high level, they are amazed by the clarity of something that was previously undefined, the difficulty is that each process had never been articulated in one location and the leaders had been too caught in the minutia to see the big picture.

More exciting than simply mapping processes, though, is to have members of an organization learn newly defined processes in an engaging way. For one client, we created a game where participants worked in teams to identify who would fulfill various parts of a processes based on specific scenarios. By writing the stories themselves, these participants were learning by doing – not simply being told what was right.


Participants use organizational roles and responsibilities to complete a story

Participants learn in cross-functional teams

Learning in cross-functional teams to better understand the organization